CRPS EDTech & Task Design - Home page for CRPS-wide Educational Technology resources. If you're a teacher interested in doing more with tech in your classroom, start here. Information about Google Summit, Google Apps, Digital Citizenship, as well how to reserve and use CRPS STEM kits (including Ozobots and Spherobots). 



Need some consumer-grade 3D printing services in Canmore or Banff? We have the ability to scan, model, render, animate and print 3D models. We can call upon up to 6 PRUSA mk3 3D printers, and can print in multiple materials including PLA, PET-G, ABS and Flexfill. More importantly, we've printed hundreds of objects and have a fair bit of collective experience getting difficult models to work. 

You've probably seen some of our prints, scans, and 3D models. 

Of course - most of our work is done by students learning the ropes, so you'll have to be a little flexible and patient with your project. But expect to be charged a WHOLE LOT less than anywhere in Calgary.  If your project is particularly interesting, we might even do it for free if we can learn something interesting and educational from it. Contact us with your project ideas. 

If you're an adult in the Bow Valley with an interest in learning how to 3D print, you can also contact us and we might be able to work something out. 




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