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The Mountain Maker Madness website is designed to tell interesting local stories of creation, building and making. We are following in the traditions of the website, and so we have borrowed heavily from their policies and principles under terms of Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license.

You can find our entire policies and principles located here: Policies

A major part of MMM's purpose is to highlight stories of building & creation success originating from local schools. By telling these hidden stories, we hope to spark community interest and attract volunteer help and community resources to support our desperately stretched education system. The MMM website is not officially affiliated with CRPS, although we work closely with them. To the best of our abilities, we attempt to follow CRPS Freedom Of Information rules concerning student privacy, including the following rules:

  • never mentioning or collecting FOIP-related info, such as student's age, race, home address, phone number, email, etc 
  • identifying students under Grade 9 only by first name, with certain exceptions described below [1]
  • identifying students in Grades 9-12 by first name and last initial, with the option of being fully identified per [1]
  • only showing pictures of CRPS students who have submitted a signed FOIP release

We consider ourselves a public newsletter, following the lead of the CRPS official Twitter & Facebook feeds, and individual teacher Twitter and Facebook feeds.

This website accepts content submissions from a wide range of community members. We cannot control - nor are we responsible - for content posted by those members. However, it is our goal to hold ourselves to a very high community standard and be responsive to your concerns. If you feel that there is any instance of inappropriate or inaccurate materials being posted, please Contact Us immediately. 

[1] Why fully identify students?

There have been many academic studies done on the sudden advance of robotics and automation on the workforce and job opportunities.  For example, this prediction indicates that half of Canadian jobs will be influenced by automation in the next 10 years. The type of creativity, innovation & teamwork found on Mountain Maker Madness are exactly the kind of skills the students will need for the future.  Many students would like to have their names searchable next to pictures of them 3D printing, writing code, building robots - ie, skills that universities and modern employers will value highly. We will publish the full names of students only in instances where we have full prior approval from both student and parents. As well, it is our goal to make any searchable results portray project-makers in a generally positive light.

Note that certain volunteer-run and funded programs - such as CHAOSMakers - do not allow students that have not signed a FOIP release form to participate. The rationale here is in an environment with extremely limited resources, telling exciting stories of interesting projects is the only way to attract resources to make those programs eventually sustainable. As such, participating students play an important role in being the "face of change" - showing that these programs make an important difference in a student's future.

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